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Sanitising Service

Sanitising Service for Schools

Protect your Playground, School shelters, outside work areas, public areas against the flu and other viruses with House wash NZ Sanitising Service. We sanitise surfaces that people touch.

Cold or flu germs can live for a long time (up to 48 hours) on surfaces and objects people touch with their hands. It is important to take precautions to prevent children, elderly, you and me from contracting and spreading any viruses or influenza.

Sanitisating Touch Surfaces

Viruses, including Coronavirus and Influenza are killed by the correct application of an effective sanitiser. House wash NZ recommends sanitising surfaces that people frequently touch on a regular basis.

For high touch areas we can provide a Sanitising Service using Anti-Viral Sanitiser. The sanitiser has a residual effect, i.e. traces of sanitiser left on the surface will keep on killing any new pathogens that may land on the surface.

House wash NZ personnel apply Anti-Viral Sanitiser to specific surfaces that people touch.

The service is carried out at agreed periods.

A schedule of the surfaces to be sanitised will be prepared and a quotation provided. The service will then be carried out in accordance with the schedule at each visit.